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 science fiction and politicsJust over a year ago I posted a story about how SF had an influence in the real world. I offered the proof of Courtney Brown Ph.D, he’s an Emory University prof who had offered a Political Science course entitled Science Fiction and Politics (Political Science 190) and that he’d been making the lectures available as a podcast. Well I’m here today to say that Science Fiction STILL HAS an influence in the real world. And further to that I offer the exact same proof. New year, new semester new Science Fiction and Politics (Political Science 190) course!

The spring 2007 semester has already started, but just like last year there’s still no cost to audit.

Here’s the course’s schedule:

Weeks 1 & 2
Theme: Empires I
Featured Author: Isaac Asimov – Foundation, and Foundation And Empire

Week 3
Theme: Empires II
Featured Author: Isaac Asimov – Second Foundation

Week 4
Theme: Information control and the circumvention of revolution
Featured Author: Aldous Huxley

Week 5
Theme: The struggle between collectivism and individualism
Featured Author: Usula K. Le Guin

Week 6
Theme: Genetic engineering and liberty
Featured Author: David Brin

Week 7
Theme: Genetic engineering and evolution
Featured Author: Greg Bear

Week 8
Theme: Children soldiers, genocide, and morality
Featured Author: Orson Scott Card

Week 9
Theme: War and exploitation
Featured Author: Joe Haldeman

Week 10
Theme: Blockades and their circumvention, forced group isolation
Featured Author: Wilson

Week 11
Theme: Ethics in the context of desperation, manipulation, warfare
Featured Author: Isaac Asimov – The Gods Themselves

Week 12
Theme: Mass manipulation and control, corporatist balkanization of government, cyberpunk
Featured Author: William Gibson

Week 13
Theme: Review

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  1. I listened to “Doc” C. Brown last year. Really good stuff. He gets into current events and relates them to novels he’s teaching. If you’re a diehard Bushy, you might want to stay away though. He says he questions authority no matter who’s in power. Anyways, he brings up a little of interesting thoughts, and I can’t recommend it high enough.

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