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Podcast - The Green HornetThe Green Hornet Podcast is a podcasting of the 1930s to 1950s George W. Trendle superhero series. The premise of The Green Hornet was he was a newspaper publisher by day and vigilante by night. The Green Hornet fought crime with his high-powered car, the Black Beauty, utilized a gun that fired knockout gas instead of bullets and made good use of his fists. He was assisted by his Filipino valet, Kato. Kato would drive the Black Beauty, keep watch out for the police and crooks and even sometimes lend a helping fist. The show’s 16-year run ended on December 5, 1952. Below is just smattering of broadcasts from that time rearranged from the podcast feed to be in chronological order…

|MP3| Murder Across The Board – 07/05/1941
|MP3| Charity Takes It On The Chin – 02/21/1942
|MP3| Invasion Plans For Victory – 05/19/1942
|MP3| A Slip Of The Lips – 05/23/1942
|MP3| Murder Trips A Rat – 09/12/1942
|MP3| Torpedo On Wheels – 11/14/1942
|MP3| Sabotage Finds A Name – 11/21/1942
|MP3| Superhighway Robbery – 11/22/1942
|MP3| Stuffed Panda – 10/04/1945
|MP3| Ballots And Bluff – 11/01/1945
|MP3| Gas Station Protection Racket – 11/29/1945
|MP3| George Havens Secret – 01/22/1946
|MP3| Escape For Revenge – 01/29/1946
|MP3| Woman In The Case – 02/12/1946
|MP3| Underwater Adventure – 09/24/1946
|MP3| A Matter Of Evidence – 01/20/1948
|MP3| Hit And Run – 01/27/1948
|MP3| Face In The Television – 02/10/1949
|MP3| Devil’s Playground – 12/06/1950
|MP3| Pretenders To The Throne – 12/03/1952

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One thought to “The Green Hornet as a podcast”

  1. Ah, excellent! Didn’t Kato quite suddenly become Filipino after Pearl Harbor? Y’know, right around the time that the Katzenmeyer Kids became Dutch? In any case, they certainly started mentioning it constantly around that time.

    Came by a nice bootleg set of the Green Hornet TV series. It’s amazing that the bad guys don’t shriek “It’s Kato!” when they burst in. He kicks everybody’s butt.

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