Classic Tales: The Machine Stops by E.M. Forster

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classic-tales-onesheet-final.jpgThe Machine Stops
By E.M. Forster; Read by B.J. Harris
Podcaster: Classic Tales
Podcast: November 2008

A must-listen reading of the story about the future where people live below the earth’s surface, rarely interact personally, and do all their interaction by machine.

Sound eerily familiar?

I listened to part 1, read by the talented B.J. Harrison, and then took my dog out for a walk so I could be sure of connecting with the real world. If you’re interested, but can’t listen now, download it anyway, because B.J. only leaves two or three episodes up on his feed and then moves his stuff over to Audible.

Check out past episodes here.

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Podcast Audio Drama: Twin Stars

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front2.jpgTwin Stars is…

A science fiction audio adventure drama starring Greg Nugent as Imperial Naval Officer Albert Tysen and Melissa D. Johnson as the Space Pirate Zhang Ping-An, two figures on opposite sides in a battle for the destiny of mankind’s first Empire of the Stars. New Episodes the 1st of Every Month!

I have listened to only the first of the four episodes so far but this is impressive in both production and story line. The “twin stars” are each other’s equals mentally and in ingenuity which sets up an extra area of interest in seeing how they can outwit each other, sometimes in opposition and sometimes in trying to solve the same puzzle while beating the other person.

Check it out via the podcast feed, the iTunes link, or at their website.

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Review of The Communion Of The Saint by Alan David Justice

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The Communion of the Saint by Alan David JusticeThe Communion of the Saint
By Alan David Justice; Read by Alan David Justice
17 MP3 Files – Approx. 6 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Podiobooks
Published: 2008
Themes: / Fantasy / Magical Realism / Catholicism / Ghosts / Time Travel / Paranormal /

Justice has given us an excellent novel that tells the story of historian, Clio Griffin, who begins to fear that she has inherited her mother’s insanity when she arrives in England for a job interview and begins hearing voices and having visions. Clio is being spoken to by St. Alban who was martyred nearby. As the story unfolds, Clio begins to experience the past and present in dizzying succession. She experiences the past through the eyes of people who lived through history that is not as sanitized as one might think from the history books. In the present Clio comes across a wide variety of reactions from such diverse people as the local mystic who sees nothing out of the ordinary in hearing from a saint, the priest who is envious of her visions, the newspaperman who just wants a good story, and the sexton who has possibly made a literal deal with the devil. The sexton’s seeming obsession with Clio provides the mystery and threat and is the one real thing about which we do not have to wonder. He is out to get her.

Justice has an excellent grip on the portrayal of the modern mind when faith is brought up and he shows the gamut of reactions while also giving us a gripping story. We are pulled through the story by our own involvement and questions. Is Clio really time traveling or is she losing her reason? Where did the plague victim come from who appears suddenly in her home? Will the sexton take his revenge upon her or will he be thwarted? This is a fascinating story about a thoroughly modern person who must come to grips with an ancient saint who is telling her that faith is real and she has a role in both receiving that faith and passing it on to others.

Author Alan David Justice reads the book with just the right amount of detachment to reflect Clio’s disbelief in her experiences. Justice’s wry inflections acquaint us quickly with Clio’s cynicism almost before we hear the words and yet he also manages to keep the pace quick enough that we are left hanging on each episode of the book. Hopefully, this is not the last we will hear (or read) from this author.

Listen to the author read it on Podiobooks.

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The Stalker: a new sci-fi audio drama

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The StalkerWhile enjoying the latest episode of New World Army, I was excited to hear an announcement for a new audio drama that the same team is producing. The Stalker is “is the strange and alarming story of two special agents that apprehend a stalker of an important political official, and how the interrogation uncovers his true identity, but cannot stop the violence that surrounds him.”

It is only 15 minutes long and I listened to it last night. Intriguing. Apocalyptic. X-Files-ish. A solid beginning for a series.

You can go to the site and listen.

Or download the |MP3|.

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Julie podcasts a Small Favors sample

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smallfavor_cover.jpg Some lagniappe (a little extra sample), from Jim Butcher’s new Harry Dresden book is the latest offering over at Forgotten Classics.

Get the mp3.

Or subscribe to the feed.

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Carpe Jugulum at Forgotten Classics

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Forgotten Classics PodcastHi everyone! Jesse very kindly has invited me to do occasional reviews here. I am really looking forward to this as I am a longtime SFF Audio fan.

By way of introduction, I invite you to pick up the latest bit of lagniappe (a little something extra) at my podcast. This is a favorite bit of Terry Pratchett’s Carpe Jugulum which means that it includes, of course, vampires. Here is the |MP3|.

Or get the feed for the podcast:

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