BBC7 has William Gibson’s Burning Chrome + Douglas Hill’s Blade Of The Poisoner

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BBC 7's The 7th DimensionBBC7‘s has some good stuff for us this week. First up, a dramatized version of a late 1980s fantasy novel by Douglas Hill. Next an early 1980s short story by William Gibson. I heard the Gibson story when it we first broadcast on BBC a while back, it is a terrific listen with narration done by Adam Sims.

Blade Of The Poisoner
Based on the novel by Douglas Hill; FULL CAST
4 Parts – [RADIO DRAMA]
BROADCAST: Saturday at 6pm and 12am (UK Time)
Young Jarral narrowly escapes the slaughter of his village by the evil Prince Mephtik – the Poisoner. Adapted by Wally K Daly and first broadcast on BBC Radio 5 in 1991.

Burning Chrome
By William Gibson; Read by Adam Sims
2 Parts – [UNABRIDGED]
BROADCAST:Thursday and Friday at 6.30pm and 12.30am (UK Time)
Set in the world of cyberspace and computer hacking. Bobby Quine and Automatic Jack are trying to figure out a way of pulling off the one big score that will make them rich. But industrial espionage is a dangerous business, especially when they decide to rip off Chrome, the most ruthless figure in the local mob subsidiary.

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