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KQED The Writer's Block PodcastThe Writer’s Block is a radio show segment on Northern California’s KQED, it is also a podcast. The Halloween instalment is an unabridged reading of Kelly Link’s short story The Hortlak, which shall be shortly appearing in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror anthology.

The Hortlak by Kelly LinkThe Hortlak
By Kelly Link; Read by Kelly Link
1 MP3 File – 59 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: KQED’s The Writer’s Block
Podcast: October 31st 2006
Eric and Batu work at the All Night Convenience store across the road from the Ausible Chasm, at the bottom of which lies a vast zombie city. Zombies stop in at the All Night on their way to the chasm. Are Eric and Batu part of some kind of “new retail” experiment designed to study the shopping habits of zombies? Will Eric ever get the nerve to talk to Charley, the woman who works at the local SPCA putting dogs to sleep?


Tell Tale WeeklyMore Kelly Link audio can be found at including our previously posted Most Of My Friends Are Two Thirds Water as well as the previously unposted, and frankly baffling, The Girl Detective. I must be getting a lot dumber because Kelly Link’s fiction is getting harder and harder for me to grasp. Check it out for yourself…

The Girl Detective by Kelly LinkThe Girl Detective
By Kelly Link; Read by Alex Wilson
1 MP3 File – 47 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: The Spoken Alexandria Podcast
Podcast: August 30th 2006
“Think of the underworld as the back of your closet, behind all those racks of clothes that you don’t wear anymore. Things are always getting pushed back there and forgotten about. The underworld is full of things that you’ve forgotten about.”

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