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BBC Radio 4RadioArchives.ccFor me Double Indemnity is the best of Film Noir. It takes the filmic art form to the highest of the black and white heights. It faithfully captures James M. Cain’s novella like no other film has done with any novel.

When I read about this BBC radio dramatization of Double Indemnity I kept my expectations low – that probably helped me enjoy it all the more – but I can’t imagine any fan of either the novel or the film being disappointed by this rare gem. It is more than terrific! Theresa Russell as Phyllis Deitrichson is superior to Barbara Stanwyck‘s iconic role. Her performance has me wanting to watch Black Widow again.

James M. Cain's Double IndemnityDouble Indemnity
Based on the novella by James M. Cain;
Adapted by John Fletcher; Performed by a full cast
1 MP3 (via torrent) – 1 Hour 29 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA]
Broadcaster: BBC Radio 4 / Saturday Night Theatre
Broadcast: 1993

Walter Huff …. Frederic Forrest
Lola …. Molly Ringwald
Phyllis …. Theresa Russell
Keyes …. John Wood
Nerdlinger …. Michael Drew
Norton …. John Goraczio
Jackson …. John Baddeley
Nettie …. Geraldine Fitzgerald
Zachetti …. Roger May

Original Music by Barrington Pheloung
Technical presentation by Graham Hoyland, Dave Parkinson, Andrew Lawrence, Fiona Baker, Christine Hall, Mark Decker
Directed at Christchurch Studios in Bristol by Andy Jordan

You can get Double Indemnity via TORRENT at

And speaking of FILM NOIR, has anybody got room for a hitchhiker? I’d really like to be in San Fransisco by tomorrow afternoon…

NOIR CITY 2010 - The 8th Annual San Fransisco Film Noir Festival

NOIR CITY from Film Noir Foundation on Vimeo.

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  1. Perhaps you’ll be interested to know (if you don’t already) that Double Indemnity was the first of four noir-themed Saturday-night plays transmitted by Radio 4 in spring 1993. The other three included two more Jim Cain stories, The Postman Always Rings Twice and Mildred Pearce, and a special two-hour version of Night of the Hunter.

    Postman has been repeated on BBC7 several times, but I think Mildred and Hunter have been sadly absent… perhaps they’re on Radio Archive?

    A very similar project followed in 1995, when Radio 4 produced four new radio adaptations of old British films from the Ealing studios, using the music tracks from the original films. These included very memorable versions of Whisky Galore, Passport to Pimlico, and the fantastic Kind Hearts and Coronets (featuring British comedian Harry Enfield in the multiple roles pioneered by Alec Guinness). My personal favourite was the adaptation of the ‘The Ladykillers’ – much better than the cinema remake, to be sure!

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