Luke Burrage: Planetary Juggler

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My friend Luke Burrage has a cool lifestyle. He travels all over the planet. He isn’t fabulously wealthy. He doesn’t fly from airport to airport on business. No, Luke is a professional entertainer, a world famous juggler. He made this video during his many cruise ship voyages in 2009.

If his name seems familiar to you its probably because you’ve been listening to either his Science Fiction Book Review Podcast or our own SFFaudio Podcast (where he’s been a guest a few times). To read the full story on this video go HERE.

Posted by Jesse Willis

2 thoughts to “Luke Burrage: Planetary Juggler”

  1. I’ve heard so much about you (bet Jesse does’t actually let you know he’s a big fan!) The video is delightful, your juggling is mesmerizing, and your travels inspiring. I am surprised that of all the places I watched you juggle, I was drawn most to Prison Island, Zanzibar. You see, those of us with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity seldom get to travel and are often labeled as prisoners in our homes. Perhaps I related to the giant tortoise enjoying your performance in what looks like a peaceful paradise.

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