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Broken Sea AudioBroken Sea Audio, has now gone live with their Planet Of The Apes audio drama (the one I was spreading rumours about). It looks like a number of other exciting sounding projects in progress too! Broken Sea is another umbrella audio group like Pendant Productions and Darker Projects. That’s a good thing. I listened to the first part of their Planet Of The Apes show and am very interested to see where it is going to go. You can get in on the action by clicking on over to the main site (which seemingly has new features being added by the hour). I’ve also had the chance to listen to the first instalment of their Grog & Gryphon show. Which is a “sword and sorcery fantasy in the tradition of Conan the Barbarian and Lord of the Rings.” Vampires, Amazons, Goblins with attitude, werewolves, ghosts, heroes and evil forces of the dark permeate this tale of high fantasy….

In a distant kingdom, a ragged group of adventurers are forced together to fight a forgotten prophecy of evil. The thread unifying these diverse warriors and mystics- the Grog and Gryphon tavern…Written and Produced by Broken Sea big-wig Bill Hollweg.

Here’s the podcast feed for Grog & Gryphon:

And we’ve got the podcast feed for The Planet Of The Apes show too:

Listen out for more Broken Sea audio soon, I think it will be sounding good!

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