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BrokenSea Audio Presents: OTR Swag CastEver since the most famous radio drama broadcast in U.S. history (The War Of The Worlds, October 30, 1938) the month of October has been an important one for audio drama. Indeed, the most recent few podcasts of BrokenSea Audio’s OTR Swag Cast illustrate my point nicely. Bill Hollweg, the host, is a connoisseur of OTR. And this is his podcast devoted to it. The idea behind the “Swag Cast” is to “digitally restore shows from the golden age of radio.” And so, with each episode, he picks, cleans-up and podcasts some old time radio shows (along with assorted interviews). The most recent few programs feature some rather rare Alfred Hitchcock and Vincent Price interviews and dramatizations. Give it a listen! You’ll find a “jack the ripper” style drama, with an ending that should never be replicated, a drama about Vincent Price starring Vincent Price and interviews in which you’ll learn about both men and their love of audio!

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