Canadia: 2056 episode 4 airing now!

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Canadia 2056Canadia: 2056 episode 4 is airing across Canada this morning starting at 11:30 am in all time zones (except Newfoundland). You can hear it for free via CBC Radio One, in Canada or listen online in RealAudio, just check out the Streaming Radio Map for the CBC Radio One station in your time zone and time-shift to catch it when its most convenient.

Here’s the official CBC Radio hotsheet description:

“Head for outer space this morning aboard Canadia: 2056, the lone Canadian government spacecraft, sent to support an American space armada fighting hostile aliens. This week, the Fleet answers a distress call from an alien ship, and Favreau tries to figure out what the Canadia can do to help the aliens. Meanwhile, Anderson and Skip are getting to know each other a little better – but the Captain has a problem with their relationship. Canadia: 2056, this morning at 11:30 (Noon in Newfoundland) on CBC Radio One. “

Listen for “King Strombo the chaste” and “Jupiter Mining Corporation!”

Is it just me or is this show getting even funnier as it goes along?

2 thoughts to “Canadia: 2056 episode 4 airing now!”

  1. I’d really like to hear this from the beginning. I remember following the lead up to the first episode and then somehow lost track of it. Is there something equivalent to the BBC7’s play it again service for the CBC?

  2. Sadly, there is no CBC equivalent to the “listen again” service that’s used by the BBC radio stations. No podcast either. A big shame on both. :(

    There might be a CD release after the 10 episode run completes. And it may be re-broadcast at some point.

    We can try to let the CBC know we want more access to Canadia: 2056 by either calling the toll-free phone number (Canada only): 1-866-306-4636 or using the web-contact form located here:

    I’ve already done so. If you want Canadia 2056 and other great CBC Radio Dramas podcast let them know!

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