Have you heard The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd podcast?

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The Radio Adventures Of Doctor FloydClearly we’ve been remiss. How could we not have posted about the long-running The Radio Adventures Of Doctor Floyd podcast previously? This is a Parsec Award winning show! It has been running on the net since 2004! And there’s been nary a word about it on SFFaudio! How can this be? Clearly this is the work of the evil Dr. Steve! “But who is this Dr. Steve?” You ask. Ah, there’s the rub…

Dr. Steve is an evil mastermind and the arch-nemesis of Dr. Floyd and his stalwart crew of time traveling heroes. Dr. Floyd also happens to be the main character in a short audio drama series unique to podcasting. This is a kid-friendly show that draws inspiration from the animated Rocky & Bullwinkle Show. In almost every episode one historical character or another is featured prominently. Here’s the premise:

When his Time and Space Travel Device is stolen by the evil mastermind Dr. Steve and his sock-shaped assistant Fidgert…Dr. Floyd, his young protégé Dr. Grant and their faithful robot companion C.H.I.P.S. must do what they can to get it back. Bent on achieving fame and fortune, Dr. Steve plans to race through history stealing historical items and then returning to the future to sell them on eBay. Can Dr. Floyd and his crew thwart the evil machinations of Dr. Steve and Fidgert?

The website for The Radio Adventures Of Doctor Floyd is well worth visiting. Subscriptions to the podcast are via this feed:



One thought to “Have you heard The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd podcast?”

  1. HEEHEEEE… SFFAudio is SO behind in the times! ;-)

    I kid, and this is an awesome show. My older daughter loves Dr. Floyd!


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