Canadia: 2056 Unoffical Podcast @ episode 10

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If you didn’t catch it already, The Zombie Astronaut has been unofficially podcasting Canadia: 2056. Today’s release is of the 10th Epsiode (the last episode of the first season). From here on out ZA’s going to be catching up to the second season broadcasts in an awful hurry.

Canadia: 2056 Unofficial PodcastCanadia: 2056 – Season One
By Matt Watts (and others); Performed by a full cast
10 MP3s – Approx. 5 Hours [RADIO DRAMA]
Podcaster: Unofficial Canadia 2056 Podcast
Podcast: May 2008
1 |MP3| 2 |MP3| 3 |MP3| 4 |MP3| 5 |MP3|
6 |MP3| 7 |MP3| 8 |MP3| 9 |MP3| 10 |MP3|

Subscribe to the unofficial podcast via this feed:

And, if you can draw or make visual art using photoshop check out the ongoing “Canadia:2056 Future Graphics Contest” and send in your rendering of a character or spacecraft from the show! Check it out on the official site:

The best graphic entered will win the entire Matt Watts Radio Comedy Collection from CBC autographed by Matt Watts. This includes Steve, the First; Steve, the Second and Canadia: 2056 Season 1 on CD. There will also be second and third place prizes! Check out some of the entries received so far:

Space Toilet

The Canadia

The Canadia and The Pickens

Classic Trio Enterprise, Serentity, Canadia

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