SFSite.com uses YouTube for New Releases

New Releases

Librarian and audiobook fan Susan Dunman has found a new way to communicate new releases…

New Releases – April 2008

New Releases – May 2008

I like the content but I found the delivery too slow. What do you all think?

Posted by Jesse Willis

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3 thoughts to “SFSite.com uses YouTube for New Releases”

  1. They could both have been quicker. The May feels quicker, so they may have already had that comment. They just need to go further.

    I thought there was a voice track missing at first. If there had been a voice track it would have been more interesting. Tell us about the releases.

  2. This is a case where less would be more. The RSS feed for new releases is about perfect. Just the idea that a new book is out on audio by a favorites writer is all I need to know.

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