The Sci-Phi Show interviews Mike Resnick

The Sci Phi Show‘s latest podcast, which will be streeting very soon, will have an interview with Mike Resnick, the winningest short fiction author in Science Fiction history. Jason Rennie, the show’s host talks to Mike about his career and his recent success with Escape Pod. Resnick’s wondrously emotional prose ranges far and wide across the universe – be sure to check out our recently reviewed Kirinyaga: A Fable Of Utopia (an SFFaudio Essential) which Jason talks to Mike about. They also discuss Resnick’s thoughts on utopias in general, his overall worldview and his latest fictions for Pyr publications.

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Podcast Drama: Silent Universe Episode 5 Released

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Silent Universe J. Marcus Xavier’s Silent Universe, is a hot audio drama podcast. The latest show, Episode 5, has been released! In it “Kostya Abramov’s plans unfold, sweeping the unwitting members of Serendipity into a conspiracy larger than any of them can yet imagine.”

As is now standard with the Silent Universe you can get the episode via direct download |MP3|, via the free standard podcast or you can get a CD-quality sound stereo edition for just $2.49 USD. A season discount package is available too.

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The Time Traveler Show #11 Beyond Lies The Wub by Philip K. Dick

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Podcast - The Time Traveler ShowThe Time Traveler Show podcast #11 has the best podcast short story of the season as its latest episode! The story itself has absolutely nothing to do with Xmas, except in the sense that it is a gift from the Time Traveler to all the good little boys and girls out there in podcastland. Come to think of it, the Time Traveler and Santa Claus do have a lot in common!

Anyway, TT’s Xmas gift to us is an unabridged reading of Philip K. Dick’s short story, Beyond Lies The Wub. This was Dick’s first ever published tale. Apparently the Time Traveler even went all the way back to 1952 to try to get Dick to read it for us. Unfortunately Phil wanted to know how big the paycheck would be for it. When TT told him it’d be a ‘pro bono’ job, Phil went into a long rambling harangue about how ‘poor’ he was, that all he ever got to eat was ‘horsemeat’ and that if he’d had a time machine, like the Time Traveler did, he’d be using it to make goddamned money. Said Phil:

The Time Traveler Show Podcast - Beyond Lies The Wub by Philip K. Dick“Just think of the possibilities! You could buy cheap color televisions from 1975 and sell them to the people of 1951, you’d make an absolute killing! It’d be a captive market.”

This got Phil up off the couch and over to his typewriter – maybe he was inspired or something. The Time Traveler gave up and zipped forward to 2006 and got an excellent reader named Mac Kelly to narrate it for us instead. Almost as good I say!

To read the complete show notes for podcast #11 click HERE or download the show MP3 directly by clicking HERE.

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More H.P. Lovecraft audio! The Book by H.P. Lovecraft

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Podcast - AudioLingoAudioLingo is a podcast by Jay King. Jay hosts two shows on KABF 88.3 FM in Little Rock, AR but more interestingly he also describes himself as a “master of a race of curious and somewhat deformed little peoplecreatures made of clay.” Cool cool!

Episode #68 of his podcast includes an extremely short piece by Lovecraft. And here it is…

The Book
By H.P. Lovecraft; Read by Jay King
1 MP3 – 7 Minutes 23 Seconds [UNABRIDGED]
Podcast: October 27th 2006

Dateline Jasoom Podcast on The Early Days of the SF pulps!

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Podcast - Dateline JasoomOn the newest Dateline Jasoom, there’s a good discussion with noted pulp fan/historian Robert Weinberg. He talks about the early, early days of Science Fiction in the pulps. Robert has written 16 fiction books, 16 non-fiction books, has edited over 100 books. This was recorded at Chicago’s Windycon. Also in on the discussion is SF author Jack McDevitt.

The show starts off with a Tarzan Yodel Song (better than it sounds!)

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