CBC R1: Dates for Steve I & Steve II, no word on JMS’ Al

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CBC Radio OneCBC producer Joe Mahoney, on his blog, has dropped two dates for the summer 2007 rebroadcasts the two earlier comedy Science Fiction series he had a hand in making:

Monday July 23rd to Friday July 27th for Steve the First

and Monday July 30th to Wednesday August 1st for Steve The Second.

Unfortunately, Joe still doesn’t have have much info on when J Michael Straczynski’s CBC Radio series The Adventures of Apocalypse Al will air. Joe writes:

“…there was talk of taking the ten five minute episodes [of The Adventures of Apocalypse Al] and stringing them all together and perhaps broadcasting them as two twenty-five minute long episodes… on two consecutive Saturday mornings, perhaps. But that’s probably just idle talk and speculation. Plus it was designed to be broadcast in five minute segments… I’m not sure it would sustain at a greater length.”

Hey CBC honchos, why not make The Adventures of Apocalypse Al the world’s first ever public radio drama podcast? 5 minute episodes would work splendiferously as podcast!

Not only would this be cooler than hell, it’d be a great way to gauge the effectiveness of advertising a CBC podcast on CBC radio stations to see what kind of traffic flow such a campaign would make. I’m willing to bet it’d be huge PR coup too. C’mon guys we need our JMS!

2 thoughts to “CBC R1: Dates for Steve I & Steve II, no word on JMS’ Al”

  1. Sounds great… er… no idea what time of day these’ll be playing (he said hoping against hope it won’t be in the middle of the workday)?

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