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Fynn was a thirteen episode radio drama series of The Mystery Project (CBC Radio’s long running series featuring original radio drama produced in Canada and the UK). Flynn aired weekly in the Fall of 1994. Its eponymous hero was a private detective who lived on a sailboat in Vancouver harbour. The show was recorded in Vancouver too.

Here’s the description from the Thrilling Detective website:

“A middle-aged drop-out from UBC Law School , he now lives on the “Blarney Boy”, a weather-beaten sloop moored at the marina on Granville Island in the trendier-than-thou False Creek area, and works, when he feels like it, for his ex-boss lawyer Sam Greene, an eccentric old coot. All in all, though, he’d rather be sailing. It’s a simple life, and Flynn’s more than happy with things just the way they are. And then Sam’s niece, W.P. (Willie) Greene, arrives from Toronto to complicate life for everyone.”

Written by Lyal and Barbara Brown
Produced and Directed by Don Kowalchuck

Regular cast:
Boyd Norman as Flynn
Colleen Winton as Willie
Robert Clothier as Sam

Here are the broadcast details:
Episode 01 – Overdue Account – October 8, 1994/10/08
Episode 02 – Red Tiger – October 15, 1994
Episode 03 – Whirlpool October 22, 1994
Episode 04 – Ghosts – October 29, 1994
Episode 05 – Imaginary Enemies – November 5, 1994
Episode 06 – The Stalker – November 12, 1994 <-NEVER COMMERCIALLY RELEASED Episode 07 - The Box – November 19, 1994
Episode 08 – The 12 Penny Black – November 26, 1994
Episode 09 – Framed – December 3, 1994
Episode 10 – Hollywood North – December 10, 1994
Episode 11 – The Fall – December 17,1994
Episode 12 – A Christmas Carol – December 24, 1994
Episode 13 – Year End Clearance – December 31, 1994

Durkin Hayes, which bankrupt itself in the early oughts, produced at six audio cassettes (each with two episodes) of the CBC radio drama series in the mid to late 1990s. Here’s all the remaining stock I have left:

Durkin Hayes audiobooks - The Flynn Series

In order from left to right here are the audiobooks and remaining stock levels:

Flynn: Whirlpool (also includes The 12 Penny Black) Quantity 1
ISBN: 0886467705

Flynn: Red Tiger (also includes Overdue Account) Quantity 3
ISBN: 0886468620

Flynn: A Christmas Carol (also includes Year End Clearance) Quantity 2
ISBN: 0886469805

Flynn: Ghosts (also includes Framed) Quantity 2
ISBN: 0886469783

Flynn: Imaginary Enemies (also includes The Box) Quantity 7
ISBN: 0886467608

The only one not pictured above is Flynn: Hollywood North (also includes The Fall) ISBN: 1552046087, I have one opened copy of it:

Flynn: Hollywood North (also includes The Fall)

If you’re a fan of the show, remember it fondly, or are intrigued enough to give it a try. I’ll sell you cassettes for $5.00 each (that’s just 1ยข above the original retail price). Send me an email with the subject line THE MYSTERY PROJECT.

And with all six cassette releases above that makes twelve of the thirteenth episodes released. The unreleased episode, The Stalker, shall remain a mystery to me and the world until it gets some sort of release.

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  1. I was the original recording engineer for the “Flynn” episodes and have a full set of the master tapes for this series. I’d love to get scans of the artwork that was included with the cassettes. If that is possible that would be great. Please contact me.

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