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The Book Cave podcastProfessor James Campanella, of the Science New Update and Uvula Audio podcasts, is the latest guest on The Book Cave podcast!

Here’s the show |MP3|

But, if we’re competing with The Book Cave for Campanella content I’d say we had Jim on our show first (SFFaudio Podcast #089)! But, if the truth is told, The Book Cave actually had Jim on earlier (in their episode #84) |MP3|.

Myself, I think our show is slightly better – but that’s mostly because of the sound quality. The sound on The Book Cave #084 is REALLY AWFUL – and the sound quality on #160 is only passable. With that in mind, and taking an idea from the site, here’s my rating of the sound quality on the two Book Cave episodes I’ve heard so far:

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Incidentally, according to his students Professor Campanella is a very hard marker.

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