Changersurfer Radio: Lecture – Those Who Cannot Remember Doc Savage Are Condemned To Repeat Him by Jess Nevins

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Jess Nevins, librarian and author of the forthcoming The Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes (2010), gave a scholarly lecture on the earliest origins and strange evolution of the superhuman/superhero meme. Starting in the the early 19th century with a perceived need for better military training, and progressing into the middle of the 20th century, Nevins explains, among other things: Why Doc Savage lost his superpowers (but kept his physique), why The Shadow needed the ability to “cloud men’s minds”, the development of Muscular Christianity and the Physical Culture movements, and even the minor role Sir Arthur Conan Doyle played in all this! There’s lots more in the there too – it’s fascinating!

Changesurfer RadioThose Who Cannot Remember Doc Savage Are Condemned To Repeat Him: The 20th Century Backlash Against Posthuman Bodybuilders
By Jess Nevins
1 |MP3| – Approx. 30 Minutes [LECTURE]
Podcaster: Changesurfer Radio / Institute For Ethics & Emerging Technologies
Podcast: Dec 13, 2009
Recorded: December 4, 2009
Provider: Archive.orgOne bit of local colour that I can add to this fun lecture is a kind of a capper to the story of the Physical Culture and Muscular Christianity movements. Their was a curious practice at the Vancouver YMCA, patrons were encouraged to exercise in the nude. This eventually led a young man named Victor Willis (no relation) to immortalize the results in this song:


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