Changes to SFFaudio (we think they’re good)

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SFFaudio MetaStarting very shortly, SFFaudio will be bringing you more content.

Instead of having our existing staff cloned, or making the day 25 hours long (our first idea was to blog from Mars), we’re going to be adding new posts from bloggers (and podcasters) from other existing websites. The idea is to turn you on to some of the keen folks that are out there writing about (and recording) the stuff we think sounds really cool.

Sites that post stuff we’d like to see added to the SFFaudio feed include those like:

Forgotten Classics

Quasar Dragon

Free Listens

In addition to all those folks, we’re also planning a quasi-revival of our abortive sister site (2005-2006). Aural Noir, prior to her passing, posted stories just like those you see on SFFaudio, but instead of being about Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror audio, they were all targeted at the Mystery, Crime, Noir and Thriller audio that was out there. There’s a lot more of it available these days, and we’ve got a lot of stuff we’ve been just aching to tell you about. So, the plan is for us to have new posts, with their own labels, sporting the traditional “News”, “Reviews” and “Online Audio” topics but in the flavour of Mystery, Crime, Noir and Thriller podcasts, podiobooks, audiobooks and audio drama.

A little skeptical? Ya, we are too. But we’re hoping it will be very cool. Please let us know how you like it as it comes.

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  1. Actually we won’t be reviving the domain Aural Noir, we let that lapse. Instead we will be having stories of the type that appeared on appearing on SFFaudio, but flying Aural Noir banners. It should make sense when you see one, which you will shortly.

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