Dirk Maggs and BBC Audiobooks UK to venture into Podcasting in 2007

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Podcast - Perfectly Normal ProductionsThis should raise an interested eyebrow! It seems that BBC Audiobooks (UK), has made a deal with Radio Drama legend Dirk Maggs, and crew at the newly formed Perfectly Normal Productions to create “compelling, high quality audio entertainment for bite-size delivery direct to home computers, portable media players and mobile phones.” In other words, podcasts!

Dirk Maggs sez: “Podcasting should be so much more than a platform for stand up comedy and audio diarists. Video on a handheld devices will never rival the storytelling experience of a big screen. But we can fill the gap. In our hands mobile entertainment bypasses the optic nerve and hotwires the imagination, with a widescreen experience you can enjoy anywhere – in the car, the train, or on the sofa with your eyes shut.”

Perfectly Normal Productions‘ initial focus will be on original material by leading Science Fiction and graphic novel authors of today, mixed with “much-loved titles including cult British comic characters” such as The Steel Claw. Also resurrected in a new series of tongue-in-cheek adventures will be the legendary British detective Sexton Blake, featuring Simon Jones, the star of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

The releases are planned to start sometime in 2007.

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  1. How totally great this is, both for the portable media world and for the audio drama world as well!

    I was all excited to post this, because I just posted on the addict blog… and what do you know? You beat me to it!

    Which means I should probably pay closer attention to this place… oy vey!


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