Podiobooker Podcast features The Audio Addict

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Podiobooks.com Podiobooker Podcast The Podiobooker Podcast is back! Tune in to Show #10 |MP3| to listen to newly minted SFFaudio Editor Dani Cutler‘s review of 7th Son: Book One Descent. Also of note, Podiobooks.com has upped the author’s share of donations from 50% to 75% as of December 1st 2006! That’s 25% more reason to submit your completed podcast novel to them.

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One thought to “Podiobooker Podcast features The Audio Addict”

  1. HEHE- it’s about time they got that going!! It’s been a long summer for them!

    A review of 7th Son NEVER gets old, that is for sure!


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