Everything looks like it’s working… if you are r…

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Everything looks like it’s working… if you are reading this, you are now at www.sffaudio.com. We just moved from sffaudio.blogspot.com. We’re still using the Blogger.com engine, which gets nicer every day – find them here.

Still a couple of bugs to figure out… the Archives don’t seem to be working. That’s not a huge deal, since all of the Reviews and Articles we’ve done are cataloged here and here.

If you find any trouble, e-mail me here. On second thought, e-mail me anyway – I’d love to hear from you.

Another thing I just did was add my own blog to the site – I wanted a place to post other things, since occasionally I have something else to say. I’ll link to it on the left there.

All my best, and thanks for visiting!

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