Four H.P. Lovecraft Lectures

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Yog RadioSure we point you towards actual recordings of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories – that’s nothing new – but surely you’d like to go deeper. How about some lectures on Lovecraft himself? Ya, we see you nodding that head… POOF! Your wish is our command…

Posted below are a series of four linked lectures titled H.P. Lovecraft and The Occult. These were recorded at Treadwell’s Bookshop in Covent Garden, London, UK. The speaker is Justin Woodman, a Social Anthropology lecturer at Goldsmiths College (University of London).

Lectures - H.P. Lovecraft And The Occult by Justin WoodmanH.P. Lovecraft Lectures
By Dr. Justin Woodman
4 MP3s – 5 Hours 26 Minutes [LECTURES]
Podcaster: Yog Radio /
Podcast: May 2007
Lecture #1 – HPL: Fabulist, Myth-Maker & Shaman |MP3|
Lecture #2 – Legends of The Necronomicon |MP3|
Lecture #3 – Chariots of The Dark Gods |MP3|
Lecture #4 – Chaos, Cthulhu & Contemporary Consciousness |MP3|

An alternative to the download is the podcast feed for Yog Radio which is right here:

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