FREE Fantasy Epic: The Worm Ouroboros by E.R. Eddison

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Maureen O’Brien, of the Maria Lectrix podcast has been working on a fantasy epic which she describes thusly:

“This classic 1922 fantasy novel brings you to a strange and lovely world where a young lord wrestles King Gorice for his land’s freedom, where unscalable mountains can only be conquered by stubbornness and hippogriffs, where the great explorer Lord Gro finds himself continually driven to betrayal, where sweet young women occasionally fall for evil wizards, and where the heroes actually win their hearts’ desire.”

The Worm OuroborosThe Worm Ouroboros
By E.R. Eddison; Read by Maureen O’Brien
Podcaster: Maria Lectrix
Podcast: May 2007 -> ????
The domineering King Gorice of Witchland and the Lords of Demonland vie for power in an imaginary medievalesque world that’s also reminiscent of the Norse sagas. Tolkien himself liked the book but its morality sharply contrasts with that found in The Lord Of The Rings, as the main protagonists are proud warriors who seek glory in battle.

You can listen to every chapter of the podcast via this feed:

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