Radio Drama Revival revives radio drama and podcasts Afterhell

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Radio Drama RevivalRadio Drama Revival is a weekly podcast that also airs as a radio show on Thursdays, between 1pm and 1:30PM EST in Portland, Maine. The WMPG proram is produced by Frederick Greenhalgh of FinalRune Productions, but Fred also has many guest on the show including audio dramatist Joe Medina of the Afterhell horror series. A recent show featured a revealing interview with Joe and a complete episode of Afterhell episode from series 2. Here’s that |MP3|.

Fantasy Audio Drama - The Last Harbinger by Roger GreggCurrently being podcast is the complete run of Crazy Dog Audio Theatre‘s The Last Harbinger, a show you won’t want to miss (read our glowing review of it HERE).

Here are all three parts released so far:

Part 1 |MP3|
Part 2 |MP3|
Part 3 |MP3|

More will come in the weeks ahead, as well as an interview with Roger Gregg, the writer, producer, actor, and Crazy Dog who’s responsible for The Last Harbinger.

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2 thoughts to “Radio Drama Revival revives radio drama and podcasts Afterhell”

  1. Hey, am I wrong or do you have to pay for afterhell episodes? If that is the case than I will never listen to them, there are way to many free audio dramas of great quality out there. Any of the audio dramas on the darker projects website for example.

  2. No, you’re right Afterhell is almost exclusively available as purchase only. There is an attenuated Afterhell podcast feed:

    And you’re also right about other audio dramas being freely available.There are a number of excellent free audio drama series available on the web. Decoder Ring Theatre’s model is perhaps the most successful monetized version of something given away for free (and its also awesome).

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