from ASTOUNDING: A Transmutation Of Muddles by Horace Brown Fyfe

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From the pages of Astounding Science Fiction’s September 1960 issue comes a workmanlike SF story from one of the minor pitchers of SF. Horace Brown Fyfe (aka Andrew MacDuff) seems to have gotten just 15 or so his SF tales into Astounding over the years. The narrator, on the other hand, has a prolific website, and has even written and recorded his own tales including one about Alex a ‘half parrot and half penguin’ who travels from Tierra del Fuego to an Antarctic island inhabited by ancient Egyptians who hail him as their god incarnate (which reminds me of an episode of Tales Of The Gold Monkey). Here’s the story, read by Roy Trumbull, that caught my ears…

Story Speiler Science Fiction - A Transmutation Of Muddles by Horace B. FyfeA Transmutation Of Muddles
By Horace Brown Fyfe; Read by Roy Trumbull
2 MP3s – Approx. 39 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Published: 2008?
A judge is sent to a distant planet to mediate between a spaceship captain and an insurance adjuster. The natives have seized the captain’s spaceship as a gift from the great god Meeg and are turning it into a temple dedicated to Meeg.
Part 1 |MP3| Part 2 |MP3|

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  1. http://www.gutenberg,org has done a good job of finding pulp sci-fi stories whose copyrights weren’t renewed. I’ve done readings of a number of them and posted them at . Just search for Roy Trumbull. My own site requires a user name and password just to keep my limited bandwidth from being abused. But much of what is on my site is duplicated at I’ve also done three complete novels from the Starman series and they’re posted at archive.

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