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LoudLit.orgLoudLit.org has a sweetly sounding version of Jack London’s classic short story To Build A Fire available for your listening pleasure. I’ve argued this tale is Hard Science Fiction. Even if you don’t agree (you dope), you’ll have to agree that it’s still an awesome story and in the same vein as Tom Godwin’s The Cold Equations. Hard SF set in the Yukon is there anything cooler?

LoudLit - To Build A Fire by Jack LondonTo Build A Fire
By Jack London; Read by Gregg Dugan
Publisher: LoudLit.org
Published: June 2007
And, after listening check out the terrific commentary for this awesome story over on JackLondons.net.

By the way, in an interesting twist on alternative economic models LoudLit.org appears to use what I’ll call the “happy hostage” model of audiobook production. They record the productions, then release bits of them as the ransom donations come in. Currently ransomed is The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

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