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Gail Z. Martin’s Ghost in the Machine podcastFantasy author and university professor Gail Z. Martin has her own podcast called Ghost In The Machine. Her show mostly features Fantasy and SF authors in conversation with her. Past guests have included the likes of: Jeffrey Thomas, James Maxey, Gina Farago, Chris Roberson, Chris Jackson, Tony Ruggiero, Angela Knight, Pamela Cable, Paul Kearney, Sabrina Luna, Emily Gee as well as editor Ed Schubert!

But standing out amongst all these fantasists is one guest who claims to actually be in touch with the supernatural! Clairvoyant medium Jodi Lynnae claims to be able to receive messages from dead people. Here’s a sample:

“Typically umm electrical interference is their number one choice umm because it’s all about energy and they can impose their energy on electronics and effect them so in other words I would say to sort of pay attention and look for signs and signals like you know light bulbs that’ll suddenly go out and maybe you only replaced it two days ago. There’s probably something to that you know or if you’re walking through the family room and you’re thinking about your father and all of a sudden the TV comes on out of nowhere or you’re in the car and a song that was very significant to someone who’s passed you know you’re thinking about em and that comes on. They’ll often send us signs and signals of their desire and their communication with us unfortunately the average layperson isn’t really paying attention.”

Martin herself seems to at least tacitly lend credence to this! Using my own psychic abilities I’ve managed to divine the |MP3| for this show even though it is mysteriously missing from the website!

I’m always deeply shocked to discover people who are into SF&F who espouse paranormal bunk. I often like it in fiction. But I become deeply dismayed to hear those who read it or write it actually believe it. I’d have thought there wasn’t that big a cross-over, but every now and then I get compelling counter-evidence such as this. What do you all think?

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