Orthopedic Horseshoes: Robert J. Sawyer, Dave Degraff, James Alan Gardner, and Edo van Belkom

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I’ve had the same email account since 1999 so I get a lot of spam. Thankfully I’m also got pretty good at spotting it. But one item caught my eye right before I was about to blast it into electronic nothingness. The subject line was:

“Orthopedic Horseshoes”

Orthopedic Horseshoes? Is this yet another Nigerian Prince scam – but gone horribly wrong? Or are they just really working hard to find euphemisms for “penis enlarger” (how many does one man need anyway)? So, I clicked on it.

It turns out it wasn’t a scam at all! That’s the name of a show! Details follow:

Orthopedic HorseshoesDan Gurzynski and some of his friends work on a monthly podcast called Orthopedic Horseshoes, it’s a “show where cranky old men discourse on American society and media.” It seems the OH crew recently visited Erie Con in Niagara Falls, NY. And so, starting May 9, 2008 they’ll feature interviews with the likes of Robert J. Sawyer, Dave Degraff, James Alan Gardner, and Edo van Belkom.
I’ve listened to the first few shows in the podcast feed and they’re funny and full of literary SF references. You can listen to the “Audio Stream” version HERE, or subscribe to the podcast via this feed:


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