iTunes 8.0 offers more control over audiobooks

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iTunes 8.0The latest version of iTunes NOW finally, gives you some more control over your own audiobooks, at least sort of. According to a post over on’s blog:

The new iTunes 8 has launched and fans of audiobooks couldn’t be happier. Prior versions of iTunes kept the Audiobooks section under lock and key. The only files that would display in the Audiobooks section on your iTunes or iPod were books purchased from the iTunes music store. Not very handy to people who buy copies of audio books on CD or download them from other sources on the interwebs.

With 8.0, iTunes now allows you to change the Media Kind for files to Audiobook, taking them out of the Music section (where they never belonged in the first place). So score one for iTunes for enabling those who just want to use the software, but exercise choice in where they get their audiobook content.

Read the full blog post HERE.

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  1. Mark,

    To change the “media kind” right click on the file in question, click “get info” then in the “info tab” select the “genre” field and type in “audiobook” – that will change the file to an audiobook.

    Audible has a fairly robust customer service group at the moment, you can contact them to help them troubleshoot your audible audiobook problem.

    1-888-283-5051 (USA & Canada)
    973-820-0400 (International)
    Monday-Friday 9AM-10PM EST
    Saturday 10AM-7PM EST

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