J.J. Campanella’s Science News Update

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Uvula AudioJames Campanella might be the busiest man in the universe. He’s a podcaster, an audiobook narrator, a Science Fiction writer, a university professor, a scientist and science popularizer (and maybe a dad or something too who knows). How does he do it all?

No clue. I’m just glad he does.

If you know him its probably from his work on StarShipSofa‘s Aural Delights. Not only does James do some of the best damned narration on the podcast, he also does a science essay segment. Those essays are like being read the best articles in Scientific American or Discover magazine but with a friendly scientist commenter who’ll explain some of the implications. He’s basically a 21st century Isaac Asimov in that respect.

I recently mentioned my fondness for his science segments and Jim pointed out he’s got a separate podcast feed for them. Wow!

J.J. Campanella’s Science News Update

Podcast feed:


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2 thoughts to “J.J. Campanella’s Science News Update”

  1. I believe that humans are affecting climate change in the world but something has been bothering me and I cant find the answer. We pour tons and tons of gases into the atmosphere every year. Yet the barometric pressure and content of earth’s atmosphere remains unchanged (as far as I can tell from school books). So are we changing the composition of the atmosphere, adding to it , or is it escaping out into space.

    Jose Pardo

  2. My understanding is that it is all three. H2 created by humans escapes into space. Digging up and burning coal adds to the atmosphere’s composition (temporarily). As far as I’m aware no generally measurable pressure change takes place – largely due to the fact that when you burn something you’re adding oxygen to carbon (the 02 comes from the air). Then, the CO2 is reabsorbed by photosynthesizers.

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