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Science Fiction Audio Book - Warlord of Kor by Terry Carr

Thistlechick, a LibriVox Admin, spearheaded the campaign for this multi-reader audiobook. She reads the first 4 chapters herself and other LibriVox participants pick up the baton from there. Warlord Of Kor was originally published in 1963 as half of an Ace Double (# F177). It’s an interplanetary adventure in which humans probe the mysteries of the planet Hirlaj and the few remaining aliens who live there.

Audiobook - Warlord Of Kor by Terry CarrWarlord Of Kor
By Terry Carr; Read by various readers
10 Zipped MP3 Files – 3 Hours 26 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Completed: January 19th 2007
Backward world — or secret outpost of another galaxy? …Now they would attempt further to discover the forbidden directives of Kor. Horng remembered, somewhere far back in the fossil layers of his thoughts, a warning. They must be stopped! If he had to, he would stamp out these creatures who were called ‘humans.’

I had listed this novel on our first SFFaudio Challenge, but it doesn’t qualify because of the multiple narrators. Warlord Of Kor by Terry Carr, is still, therefore, listed on the challenge list. Thistlechick sez: “I completely mispronounced the main character’s name throughout my readings… and I suspect that some of the alien names will be pronouced differently by everyone… you are welcome to pronounce the names however you like, or you may download and listen to one of my recordings to hear how I have pronounced them… but I’m not splitting hairs on this one” If someone wants to take up a single voiced reading for our challenge, we should probably first get a good answer on how to pronounce the names: “Hirlaj, Rynason, Malhomme and Horng.” Anyone have any opinions?

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