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LibriVoxSpace Prison (first published as: THE SURVIVORS) is a new audiobook of an old pulply paperback by Tom Godwin! Narrator extraordinaire Mark Douglas Nelson, has courteously posted it to for the use by anyone for anything. Being that this is now a public domain audiobook you can do pretty much anything you can think of with it.

Me? Oh, I’m old fashioned. I’ll just be listening to it.

Here’s the teaser:

“One of the truly unusual novels of science-fiction—a vivid portrayal of the deadliest planet ever discovered!”

And here’s the Wikipedia description:

The Survivors is a science fiction novel by author Tom Godwin. It was published in 1958 by Gnome Press in an edition of 5,000 copies, of which 1,084 were never bound. The novel was published in paperback by Pyramid Books in 1960 under the title Space Prison. The novel is an expansion of Godwin’s story ‘Too Soon to Die‘ which first appeared in the magazine Venture.”

LIBRIVOX - Space Prison by Tom GodwinSpace Prison
By Tom Godwin; Read by Mark Douglas Nelson
12 Zipped MP3 Files or Podcast – Approx. 5 Hours 59 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Published: December 21, 2009
AFTER TWO CENTURIES….The sound came swiftly nearer, rising in pitch and swelling in volume. Then it broke through the clouds, tall and black and beautifully deadly — the Gern battle cruiser, come to seek them out and destroy them. Humbolt dropped inside the stockade, exulting. For two hundred years his people had been waiting for the chance to fight the mighty Gern Empire … with bows and arrows against blasters and bombs!

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[Special thanks too AnnSterling and Laurie Anne Walden]

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3 thoughts to “LibriVox: Space Prison by Tom Godwin”

  1. I read this novel back in the late 1950’s. I loved it. Was in early High School at the time, and was devouring SF novels at the rate of 3-4 per week during the summer when I had nothing else to do but pull weeds out of the yard. Peddling my bike to the local hole-in-the-wall library a couple times a week to pick return and pick up new books was the highlight of my life back then.

    Thank you for this. I’ve been looking for it, on-and-off for the last half century. But I’ve always looked for it by the title Ragnarok. The real title was “The Survivors” which I guess was later changed to Space Prison. I’ve downloaded it, and will listen to it as I go to sleep every night until I finish it.

    Regards, Gary in Sandy Eggo

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