FanExpo 2009: Convention panel with Darwyn Cooke talking about Richard Stark’s The Hunter

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FanExpo 2009Fanexpo 2009 featured a convention panel called “Spotlight on Darwyn Cooke.” Cooke is famous, at least to me, for two comics I have in my collection. Selina’s Big Score (a DC comics universe homage to the crime novels of Richard Stark), and the more recent adaptation of the first of Stark’s novels: The Hunter.

The panel, posted up on, discusses Cooke’s recent work with the recent release of an adaption of the novel, The Hunter. Other topics include previous comic works such at Catwoman and the New Frontier followed by questions from the audience.

Incidentally, the volume on this MP3 is absolutely crap. It’s waaaay too low. Likely it is the worst sounding MP3 ever posted to SFFaudio. Sorry about that. But, if you turn up your volume to the absolute max you can probably make most of it out.

Have a listen |MP3|

And, if somebody out there has a better recording of this panel, let me know! I’d like to link to it.

Parker Will Return Summer 2010

[via Almost Darwyn Cooke’s Blog]

Update: has a better quality version.

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6 thoughts to “FanExpo 2009: Convention panel with Darwyn Cooke talking about Richard Stark’s The Hunter”

  1. Cooke is brilliant. His too-brief run on The Spirit makes it completely clear that you can update Will Eisner’s iconic hero while remaining true to his essence…. makes the depth of Frank Miller’s failure even more obvious.

    And Cooke with Stark/Westlake? It’s like bacon with my steak! I can make a strong argument for “The Score” as the best novel ever written. It’s like sweet, sweet candy.

    Now we need someone to do an proper series of Parker audiobooks, with a single voice.

  2. Hello. The Comic Book Bin has just posted a more complete version of this podcast with better sound. It’s an hour long and starts before the podcast on this site. We were sitting on the first row, so we got great sounds. It’s a very interesting discussion.

    check it out

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