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Podcast - The Dream Cycle of Salem, MassThe Dream Cycle of Salem, Mass is a podcast pilot associated with (a cool blog that takes its name from the fictional city created by Ambrose Bierce). The Dream Cycle of Salem, Mass intends to focusing on “The writings of Howard Phillip Lovecraft and its effects, relations, and relevancies in the New England area, with particular focus on Salem, MA.” Host Joseph Remy, a Lovecraft scholar and cartoonist, plans on doing some video podcasts – and even though his first podcast outing is little rough I think we should encourage him to stick with audio – that way we can talk about it here on SFFaudio!

Only one episode has been released so far. It is called “TDCOSM #0″: Pickman’s Model” |MP3| and it actually came out way back in September. In it Remy reads segments from the H.P. Lovecraft story Pickman’s Model and talks about the actual places named in the tale.

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