Mark Nelson creates H. Beam Piper Short Story audiobook!

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Meta SFFaudio - SFFaudio Contest - Make audiobook win an audiobookMark Nelson, the prolific narrator who’s leading the pack in our SFFaudio Make An Audiobook Challenge informs me that he’s also got a short story collection in progress!

He’s calling it Five Sci-Fi Short Stories by H. Beam Piper and the collection includes, surprise surprise, 5 Science Fiction short stories by H. Beam Piper:

The Answer (this one was on our 1st Challenge – it first appeared in Fantastic Universe Science Fiction, December, 1959)
Temple Trouble (Astounding Science Fiction, April 1951)
Police Operation (Astounding Science Fiction, July 1948)
Flight From Tomorrow (A novelette from the pages of Future combined with Science Fiction Stories magazine, the September/October 1950 issue)
Graveyard Of Dreams (from Galaxy Magazine‘s February 1958 issue)

And as usual I’ve made some art to go with the forthcoming release – oh, and in case you’re wondering who that guy in the reticle is, that’s H. Beam Piper himself:

Five Sci-Fi Short Stories by H. Beam Piper

In a related matter, I’m also going to pull one of the titles from the current challenge: Triplanetary by E.E. “Doc” Smith has been commercially released by Books In Motion. The idea behind the SFFaudio Challenge is to make audiobooks out of public domain books that are not already commercially available. In fairness though, if anyone has already started Triplanetary without claiming it, let me know when you complete it and I’ll do a post up.

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