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Maureen O’Brien, has wrapped up another public domain Science Fiction novel and posted it on the Internet Archive!

Science Fiction Audiobook - Star Hunter by Andre Norton

You may remember Maureen from her readings of H. Beam Piper’s classic Science Fiction novel Little Fuzzy, (find that one HERE) and Stanley G. Weinbaum’s The Dawn Of Flame (find that post HERE). I’m really looking forward to listening to this one!

Science Fiction Audiobook - Star Hunter by Andre NortonStar Hunter
By Andre Norton; Read by Maureen O’Brien
13 Zipped MP3 Files – [UNABRIDGED]
PODCAST: Maria Lectrix
COMPLETED: January 2007
Ras Hume’s an Out-Hunter, but once he was a star pilot. Now he’s found the perfect way to get revenge against the company that blacklisted him. All he needs to do is brainwash some kid into thinking he’s the shipwrecked heir to the company fortune, and let his off-world safari members ‘find’ the fake-castaway. But something on the safari planet is hunting humans….

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