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The Marvellous Hairy PodcastWith the number of university professors talked about on SFFaudio I think we’ve got staff enough to fill almost every department in a virtual university! I’m adding one more to the roster. From the faculty of Information and Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario comes Mark A. Rayner and his second novel. This is simultaneous release with the print publication. Here’s the blurb:

So hair is sprouting in unspeakable places and you can no longer carry a tune, but if you’re a surrealistic artiste with an addiction to Freudian mythology and guilt-free sex, turning into a monkey has its upsides.

Nick Motbot may be evolving as a novelist, but his friends aren’t too sure about his DNA — at least, not since Gargantuan Enterprises started experimenting with it. And once they figure out what’s happening to him, they decide to set things right. MARVELLOUS HAIRY is a satirical novel about a group of friends sticking it to the man the only way they know how, with equal parts grain alcohol and applied Chaos Theory.

Part literary fun-ride, part fabulist satire, and part slapstick comedy, MARVELLOUS HAIRY is about the power of friendship and love, the evils of power, and the dangers of letting corrupt CEOs run our world.

And here’s the podcast feed:

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