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I’ve been half ready to board the steampunk train (or the metaphorical steam powered conveyance of your choice) for a while now. I’m not sure exactly why it is so appealing to me. I love airships, I love Sherlock Holmes, I love reading about Victorian and Edwardian eras – but is that it?

I remember when William Gibson and Bruce Sterling wrote The Difference Engine – I was digging the concept. I remember when the RPG game Space: 1889 came out – and I was digging the vibrations that was throwing off too. The only problem was, and is, I still haven’t played the game and still haven’t read the book. I’ve really been quite negligent in my steampunk studies. Luckily there’s a neighbour, over in Alberta, who’s set himself a five year mission, to blog about the genre in a scholarly way.

And his latest post is about steampunk audiobooks! Check it out. He makes a list of available audiobooks with the steampunking theme.

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