Review of Primordial Chili by Tom Gerencer

Science Fiction Audiobook - Primordial Chili by Tom GerencerPrimordial Chili
By Tom Gerencer; Read by Tom Gerencer
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Published: 2004
Themes: / Science Fiction / Humor / Food /

Have you ever had one of those days when everything just seems to go right? Even when it’s wrong? Primordial Chili is a laugh-out-loud thrill-ride of culinary perfection, taken to cosmic proportions. The planets align, the gods speak, and supper turns out pretty good, too.

A substantially superlative and surpassingly silly short story about chili. Gerencer’s tale of the creation of the greatest chili ever made easily passes through the awkward Carrot Top kind of silly, bypasses altogether the elegantly silly Douglas Adams kind of silly, and heads straight towards the very silly indeed kind of silly, the Monty Python silly. The prose is ground to a fine consistency and layered with silliness atop silliness that climbs over itself to new heights of silliness. Gerencer’s narration doesn’t do too much here other than straight read it. I don’t know if Gerencer’s humor would work in novel length, it’d be worth trying, but the more I hear of his short stories the more I’m finding I wouldn’t much care about the novels just as long as his short stories continue to be this good – oh and of course keep coming. Primordial Chili was first published in Science Fiction Age magazine’s November 1999 issue. Did I mention this was the first audiobook to make me really hungry?

Posted by Jesse Willis

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