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Roger Gregg and the Crazy Dog Audio Theatre are at it again – their latest series, The Last Harbinger starts on Ireland’s RTE Radio One this week. Those not in Ireland can listen online – Episode One is now available. A description of the series:

The people of Moloch are running out of time. Their seas are dead. Their ice caps are gone. Their air is filled with toxins. A twisted civilization that celebrates greed is destroying itself. Can Truth save a world from self destruction? The Last Harbinger is a scathingly satirical allegory which exploits the potential of the audio medium to lampoon a decadent world of hunger, disease and injustice.

This latest ‘audio movie’ production (5 parts) from Ireland’s multi-award winning Crazy Dog Theatre company features an all star cast including Phil Proctor of Rugrats, state-of-the-art location recordings and an original music score.

And don’t forget the Quandary Phase of Hitchhiker’s – Episode One is online this week. Listening now…

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