Reading, Short And Deep #174 – Manacled by Stephen Crane


Reading, Short And DeepReading, Short And Deep #174

Eric S. Rabkin and Jesse Willis discuss Manacled by Stephen Crane

Here’s a link to a PDF of the story.

Manacled was first published in The Argosy, August 1900.

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5 thoughts to “Reading, Short And Deep #174 – Manacled by Stephen Crane”

  1. Yet another good story. Thanks for the reading and examination. I enjoy how well Eric & Jesse play off each other, good chemistry. Stephen Crane’s ‘An Illusion In Red & White’ is my favourite story of his of those I’ve read. I would suggest it suitable for an episode, although I’m not sure of it’s online availability. (O’Henry’s ‘The Pimienta Pancakes’ would be good to see covered too. I think R,S&D’s already done an O’Henry story a while ago, but I think it was one of his better known tales.)

  2. Thanks Greg!

    I’m going to look into An Illusion In Red And White, it seems to have been first published in a newspaper. And I’ve now read The Pimienta Pancakes, which was less than a half hour to read, and posted it as a PDF. So Im submitting it to Eric to have a look! And I just looked, we actually haven’t yet done an O. Henry story, which is pretty weird! Maybe this one will be the first! :D

  3. How strange about you not covering any O’Henry yet! I thought you’d have covered The Furnished Room, The Ransom Of Red Chief, of The Gift Of The Magi. Pimienta Pancakes might not qualify as his ‘best’ in many people’s lists of his works, but it just strikes my particular funnybone at the right angle. I’d also consider The Green Door (not too dissimilar to ‘Manacled’ I think in blurring reality and illusion/performance). There’s another good one I’d recommend for examination, but I forget the title right now. O’Henry was so prolific, it’s tough to remember what’s what in his output. Will pass the title on if I can recall it. Thanks again.

  4. …there’s always more to say… Have now tracked down my other O’Henry recommendation for the podcast: ‘The Man Higher Up’. Also, Mark Twain’s story-essay ‘Corn-Pone Opinions’ is another short piece you might deem worthy of examination. (“You tell me whar a man gits his corn pone, en I’ll tell you what his ‘pinions is.”) It really has in so few words influenced my life philosophy, my views on politics and society. Keep up the great work – I look forward to each new release! Greg

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