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Revolution SF RadioRevolutionSF Radio is the podcasting arm of the Revolution SF site. It offers Science Fiction news, commentary and short stories. The podcast feed looks old, but the content is still good. Very interesting is an excerpt |MP3| from author Mark Finn’s biography of Robert E. Howard, entitled Blood And Thunder. In celebration of the 2006 World Fantasy Conference in Austin, TX and all hooplah surrounding Robert E. Howard, RevolutionSF presented a series of related readings recorded during Austin’s Armadillocon 2006.

“Penny A Word”
By Rick Klaw and Paul O. Miles; Read by Rick Klaw and Paul O. Miles
Originally appeared in the Cross Plains Universe anthology.

“The Bunker Of The Tikriti”
By Chris Nakashima-Brown; Read by Chris Nakashima-Brown

“Primary Pollinator”
By Nicole Kimberling; Read by Nicole Kimberling
There are worse jobs than food service.

“Into the Dark”
By Patrice Sarath; Read by Patrice Sarath
It’s been 11 years. Do you know where your child is? “Into the Dark” was first published in “Realms of Fantasy 2002. Original podcast produced for Space Squid zine. (c) 2002 Patrice Sarath.

Here’s the podcast feed:

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