Full Cast Audio’s Coming Attractions

Audiobook Publisher - Full Cast AudioFull Cast Audio, has some truly amazing sounding projects in production. There’s lots of Tamora Pierce, of course – including an AUDIO EXCLUSIVE release that’s still being written – some truly stellar Heinlein “juveniles” and much more have a look (or visit the Full Cast Audio “Coming Attractions” page and see them all):

Princess Academy
By Shannon Hale; Read by Laura Credidio and a FULL CAST
“From the author of The Goose Girl comes this fabulous tale of a group of mountain girls who find themselves in training as possible royal brides. Talk about a clash of cultures!”

By Gail Carson Levine; Read by a FULL CAST
“By the beloved author of Ella Enchanted! Not only does it have great characters and lots of dialogue, it’s set in a world where everyone sings to each other! Our composer Todd Hobin will be setting the numerous lyrics included in the story to music, creating an audiobook that has as much original music as a Broadway show. This recording will be an audiobook like no other!”

The Star Beast
By Robert A. Heinlein; Read by David Baker and a FULL CASTt
“Another beloved novel from the same period as Have Space Suit, Will Travel and The Rolling Stones. This one pits bureaucrats against John Thomas and his beloved alien pet, Lummox—a conflict that brings Earth to the edge of an interplanetary catastrophe. Filled with Heinlein’s trademark crackling dialogue, which is just made to be read by a full cast.”

By Tamora Pierce; Read by Tamora Pierce and a FULL CAST
“The second novel in Tammy’s beloved Immortals Quartet pulls Daine into new adventures, and reveals more about the special nature of her magic. Great characters, piles of magic, and breath-taking adventure. You’re gonna love it!”

The Red Planet
By Robert A. Heinlein; Read by a FULL CAST
“One of the master’s most beloved titles, filled with politics, adventure, and the fabulous Heinlein dialogue. The little Martian, Willis, is one of the master’s most delightful creations.”

By Geraldine McCaughrean; Read by a FULL CAST
“A superb retelling of this great epic by Geraldine McCaughrean, England’s most honored author of books for young readers. Note: We will eventually be recording all four books in Geraldine’s Heroes series. The other three titles are Perseus, Theseus, and Hercules. Every one of these brilliant novels tells a familiar story in a way that is true to the myths, yet utterly fresh and new.”

Between Planets
By Robert A. Heinlein<; Read by A FULL CAST ? CDs - [UNABRIDGED] "A planet-spanning adventure that moves between Earth, Venus, and Mars. Featuring the great lizard 'Sir Isaac Newton'" Skybreaker
By Kenneth Oppel; Read by David Kelly and A FULL CAST
“This sequel to the multiple award-winning Airborn follows the further adventures of Matt Cruse as he and girlfriend Kate de Vries head for a fabulous encounter with the ghost ship Hyperion in the frigid wastes of Skyberia.”

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