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Scott D. DanielsonHello, all! Scott here.

I’m posting to let all who care know that I am stepping down as co-editor of SFFaudio. I trust that Jesse Willis and crew will keep everyone informed of what’s happening in the world of science fiction and fantasy audio. I wish them the very best – the creation of and writing for SFFaudio has been wonderful. Thanks to everyone who makes the audio, from the publishers to the narrators to the podcasters. I have met an unbelievable number of excellent folks here.

For me, it’s time to move on. I’ve been covering the science fiction and fantasy audio industry for 5 years now – 4 years here at SFFaudio, and another year before that at SFSite. It’s time to see what’s next for me. Hopefully, “what’s next” includes building on my first story sale, and the expansion of Deuce Audio.

I’d like to thank all the reviewers and everyone else who has helped in any way to make SFFaudio such a success. I’d like to publicly thank Jesse Willis – a better partner and friend could never be found.

I leave at a very interesting time for the audio industry. A tidal wave of podcasts has dominated the audio landscape for anyone who is online. That podcasts are changing the industry is certain – what form things will take in the end remains unknown. Audible and iTunes continue to be pretty much the only real option out there for downloadable commercial audiobooks – surely that will change soon. Hardcopy audio publishers chug right along, some of them providing MP3-CDs at your local bookstore. To think – when I started doing this, only 5 years ago, finding an audiobook on CD was rare.

If only I could have convinced audio publishers to produce more Hard SF! :) The fight continues…

All my very best, and thanks for reading SFFaudio! The future never sounded so good, and SFFaudio has become and will remain THE place on the internet to find out about it.

Scott D.

Reviews Editor, SFFaudio

3 thoughts to “Scott D.”

  1. :(

    This is the saddest day in SFFaudio’s existence.

    We’ve been diminished.

    Even so, I can’t help but wish Scott all the best in his new ventures.

    I’ll also be looking forward to reviewing Deuce Audio titles. Scott knows what it takes to create GREAT SCIENCE FICTION AUDIOBOOKS!

    I wish you all the best my dear friend!

    You da man.

  2. Scott-

    You and Jesse have created my home on the net. About a year ago I thought about starting my own news blog about audio SF. I found your site and realized I could never do it as good. SFFaudio is the first site I go to.

    When you guys put out the call for reviewers, I jumped at it. I have no idea of how much traffic this site gets. That didn’t matter. I got to write about SF audio on the best damn site out there.

    Although our professional relationship doesn’t go back far, I’ve always felt very welcomed, and you always answered my questions and got me some mighty fine audiobooks to review too!

    I’m hoping we stay connected. I’m sure we will. Good luck on your writing and with Deuce Audio.

  3. I also hardly got a chance to know you, but our short conversations were sweet, and I could tell you are a great guy!

    Yes, I picked up on that just from the “hello and welcome to SFF audio” email. ;-)

    Good luck to you!


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