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SFFaudio MetaBLOGGERS NEEDED! SFFaudio.com is looking for a few good bloggers.

With more than 300,000 unique visitors in 2008, 1,000 downloads per show on our podcast, having been BoingBoinged, written up in Asimov’s magazine and having had one of our contributors been named a John W. Campbell Award winner we think we’re doing pretty awesome. But, we think we can do more and be awesomer. FREE audiobooks and audio dramas are just the beginning, all positions at SFFaudio come with fancy job titles and as much street-cred as the SFFaudio name will get you (I’ve been told it may garner you as much as a fresh ginger snap and a cup of tea in some places).

We are looking for:

1. At least one voracious reviewer for Paranormal Romance audiobooks (we get tons of these).

2. A podcast producer for our show (can you host, record, edit and run our podcast?).

3. At least one podiobook/podcast novel reviewer (there are so many great free podcast novels coming out we want to cover more of them).

4. Cool hunters (do you have psycho-crazy-web-searching-spider skills? Can you find the coolest audio out there? If so we want you).

5. Other positions (if you have some other skill or interest you’d like to bring to the SFFaudio table, let us know, we’ll have a serious look at it).

Bloggers Needed

Posted by Jesse Willis

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  1. It has come to my attention that with regard to the position of Podcast Producer there is some confusion. To “host” in this case means be the person who is the host of the show, rather than be the person who puts the files on his/her server instead of ours. We have server space, what we don’t have is someone to actually be the host of the show.

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