SFFaudio: Our 4 Year Mission

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Happy birthday to us! It’s SFFaudio.com‘s fourth birthday. We’ve been through a lot in these four short years. But our mission isn’t over, not by a long shot. That said, we can probably sit back for a few minutes to celebrate with this cake…

SFFaudio.com's Fourth Birthday

“Audio…the aural frontier. These are the voyages of the website SFFaudio. Our continuing mission: to explore cool new audiobooks; to seek out new audio drama and new podcast… to boldly post stories that no-one has posted before.”

Thanks so much to all the SFFaudio staff. You are both beautiful and smart. And to our readers… I must compliment you on your extremely good taste in websites. Please, keep visiting. No presents are necessary, but if you’ve really got the urge to give… consider this:

Starting tomorrow, and for the entire month of April, we’ll be bringing you stories, reviews, online audio and more focused the works of H.G. Wells. If you know of some H.G. Wells audio out there, please clue us in! Thanks again.

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