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SFFaudio MetaWe’ve been pretty excited to see the numbers of visitors to SFFaudio.com going up of late. Its very hard for us to gauge the exact volume of readers of the site – but we’ve got a few numbers we can throw at you.

On an average day we typically see the following…

An average of about 1,500 page loads.

An average of about 1,000 unique visitors.

An average of about 150 returning visitors.

Here’s is a breakdown of the kinds of browsers used by the last 500 visitors to view the website:

    # -|- % -|- BROWSER -|- VERSION

169 33.80% MSIE 7.0
160 32.00% Firefox 2.0.0
-60 12.00% MSIE 6.0
-51 10.20% Safari 1.2
-37 7.40% Opera 9.26
–6 1.20% Mozilla 5.0
–3 0.60% Firefox 3.0b5
–2 0.40% Mozilla 4.0
–2 0.40% [Google.com – Mountain View, CA]
–2 0.40% Netscape 7.2
–2 0.40% Firefox 1.5.0
–1 0.20% Firefox 1.5
–1 0.20% MSIE 5.5
–1 0.20% Firefox 2.0
–1 0.20% Opera 9.25
–1 0.20% Firefox 1.0.2
–1 0.20% Firefox 1.0.7

The kinds of operating system being used typically breaks down something like this:

38.24% Windows XP
32.35% Mac OS X
17.65% Windows Vista
5.88% Linux
4.90% Unknown
0.98% Windows 2000

We have a few other factoids for you too…

Did you know SFFaudio is valued at more than two million dollars? Yep, it’s wiki-true, according to a page on Blogshares.com SFFaudio is currently valued at B$2,081,828.32! Woot! Where do we cash that in? Maybe nowhere – BlogShares.com is only a simulated (fantasy) stock market for blogs. Players invest fictional money to buy stocks in an artificial economy. Blogs are the companies, and instead of issuing shares and producing products they issue an obscure and likely valueless commodity known as ‘Ideas’. In our industry (Science Fiction Literature Blogs) we’re currently ranked as the 51st most successful blog! In your face Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas (just kidding, please don’t hurt us).

Another blog valuation service, created by a blogger who blogs about making money by blogging (here’s another mirror for you pal) – sez that SFFaudio is worth $44,034.12 USD (as of the time of this post).

Also, on our right hand column, you can now see a couple of stats tracking things – one, is a number, currently at 0191884 (at the time I wrote this). That’s the number of unique visitors since about this time last year. The other thing, nearby that big number, is something called an “IP2Map” – which will show the last 100 visitors to the site on a map. Kind of cute.

So, as the folks at Engadget would say “How Would You Change SFFaudio?”

Posted by Jesse Willis

4 thoughts to “SFFaudio Visitors”

  1. Not perhaps easily changeable, but it seems not a lot of posts here get comments. When they do, they seem to be hit-and-run (not a lot of back and forth, but a bunch of one off unrelated comments).

  2. Yup, Jason, your right. Maybe audio folks just aren’t that chatty? But if that’s true why do I get more email comments than website comments?

    Hmmmm, maybe we’re not being provocative enough. I’ll try poking sticks into more bees-nests.

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