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SFFaudio is 6 years oldHey we had a birthday today! SFFaudio was born on March 31st 2003 @12:09PM. Now we are six!

Don’t feel embarrassed if you forgot, we forgive you. Besides you can send presents throughout the coming year in the form of audiobooks and audiodramas.

Happy Birthday to us, and thanks for visiting!

Posted by Jesse Willis

9 thoughts to “Six Years of SFFaudio”


    Thank you for six great years, even if I only knew about you for two of them. My gift to you … I will finish my review of Lamentation this weekend. :-)

  2. Woo hoo! Thanks, Seth, very much! Your kudos are greatly appreciated.

    And thanks to you, Julie! You remember how I said I was going to start “Lamentation” a couple of Saturdays ago? I meant to say that THIS weekend I’d start it. :)

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