Slipstream & Silent Planet

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BBC Radio 7 - BBC7 Slipstream
Full cast audio drama
Written by Simon Bovey
Directed by Marc Beeby
5 episodes
Begins on Monday, November 24
Episodes air daily at 6PM and 12AM GMT

March 1945 and the Allies’ victory in Europe is a forgone conclusion. But then over a hundred RAF bombers are shot down in one night by a shimmering aircraft. Is this a new terror weapon? One that could turn the tide of war back in the Germans’ favour?

I enjoyed Slipstream. I’ve read other perhaps more original war themed science fiction stories, yet this one, in this case a cleverly conceived audio play, still sticks with me. Probably because it manages to elevate a fairly stock “secret weapons of the Luftwaffe” idea a step or two further with…sheer oomph. Slipstream is ballsy, it takes chances and the performances are good, particularly “Barton”, the mission team leader, the kind of character that you “love to hate”. Really nice production as well, rounding Slipstream out to a solid three out of four stars for me. Maybe three and a half if I’m feeling generous. See what you think.

BBC Radio 7 - BBC7 Out of the Silent Planet
Written by C. S. Lewis
Read by Alex Jennings
Unabridged – 12 episodes
Begins on Monday, November 24
Episodes air daily at 6:30PM and 12:30AM GMT

Out of the Silent Planet is the first novel of C. S. Lewis’ highly regarded “Space Trilogy” (followed by a hands down classic, Perelandra, and the concluding book of the series, That Hideous Strength). It’s basically an old fashioned adventure story that becomes a strange kind of interplanetary epic. One thing to note to first timers, this isn’t rockets, robots and ray guns material. These novels are much weirder, more allegorical, more spiritual and bizarrely alien, revealing the real history and truth behind what we humans think we know about the history of the solar system (and of the workings of the cosmos at large).  Good gooey stuff, and Out of the Silent Planet whets the appetite…for goo.

Remember that all BBC7 programs stay online for six days after they air. To catch up on the 7th Dimension selections, just keep an eye on the schedule here.

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3 thoughts to “Slipstream & Silent Planet”

  1. I’ve been listening to the BBC broadcasts and I think it is a great story. Tonight is the final part and I can’t wait to hear the end.
    The idea of Hitlers real wonder weapons that could have changed the whole face of the war, suddenly makes sense.
    You know that there is evidence, obtained through the Freedom of Information act, the nazis had indeed what we now call ufo’s.
    If these ‘Haunabu II’ or ‘Haunabu III’ would have been develloped on time, and would have been brought on the battlefield ……?
    Who knows how the war would have ended in that case?
    What more secrets does the government hides from us?
    By the way, this is definitly the best site there is to keep up with new audio on the net.
    With Regards
    From Holland

  2. Thanks for the reply Rich, and your right I would love a sequel!
    Stories where you can hear the revisionist history in, and between the lines are rare.
    Never in history has there been so much information available as we can obtain now through the web. All we have to do is use our common sense and put the pieces in order.
    By the way, would you like the ‘Lord of the Rings’ audio series?
    Here is the link in case you missed that one:
    Have fun,
    With regards,
    From The Netherlands

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